Monday, 14 September 2009

Media Music Newspaper

I'm going to base my media project on a Newspaper about local music within the area of Bromley. It will inform local residents about upcoming bands and events within the area. The newspaper will be a 2 page spread. The front page will consist of a headline with a small section on a main story, followed by a second page with smaller stories with a few pictures posted.
As for the name of the paper i've not yet decided so this needs to be considered.
The language within the newspaper is going to be quite basic. Its made to appeal to those of a younger generation, the age group of around 15 - 25. The layout on the other hand may be quite complex to make it look appealing to the target audience. Both pages will try to consist of variations of music genres trying to encourage a wider range of readers to buy the paper. It will have variation right from RnB - Rock.
The stories that are going to be used will start off explaining a small bit about the artist then expanding onto where they originate from and maybe how they came to the decision to start up. Then i'll move onto speaking about upcoming events they have or have recently played. I aim to try and get some pictures of local bands that I know of, then use them as my main stories with pictures, other stories just consisting of text.
Institution in an ideal world would be "Kerrang!" or any other big music names for magazines or papers out there. These would be good because they're already established names, in a way already giving the paper a good name for itself.

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