Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Music Paper

I'm going to make a Newspaper based around local music for my media A2. I chose to make a newspaper because I thought I could expand my knowledge with using InDesign as I don't have too much experience with it.

The newspaper itself will inform the reader of events happening around the area and is going to consist of a headline with a main article most likely to be a small gig thats happened around the area using pictures and text describing the atmosphere for effect.

The paper will have a layout not so normal and standard as other papers, seeing as the target audience are going to be of a young age, i'm going to try to make it appear more of a paper for youths being appealing with layout and text.

Representation - My newspaper is going to represent young people within the area of Bromley. The bands that are used are all going to be playing within the local area coming from anywhere over the country. I want the newspaper to be classed as a young persons newspaper because it will be more encouraging for those of the younger generation. The newspaper will be a representation of all young people not just consisting of particular genres of music, so there's interest for more than one audience.

Institution - I thought my newspaper would be quite unique as from what I know, i don't know any other music related newspapers around. The general idea will be to have the unique selling point of it being unique.

Values - My newspaper will be based around a mixture of other papers and music magazines but will have a hard hitting effect as well being both informational to the reader and with smaller articles more like magazine articles for an effective mixture of the two. Really it'll be like the sun mixed with any other music magazine.

Audience - The paper is aimed to be directed at teens and young adults aged between 16-24. I want there to be an effect giving young adults an idea of what being within the music industry can do for them and how it can be beneficial to be a part of.

Language - The language in the newspaper is most likely to be quite in-formal. The text will be informational but not to the extent that its hard to read. I will include website addresses on the second page of the paper leading to music myspace websites of artists etc.. The headline will be a catchy headline related to a gig that previously happened.

Ideology - I want the paper to include problems within the music industry as well, not necessarily just local artists, but huge artists from around the world. I want a lot of sides of music to be included within the paper also including interviews from some artists asking them questions that the reader can relate back to and take inspiration from it.

Narrative - I want the articles to be varied, not all just about people playing concerts and focused on one genre of music. I want there to be a varied number of articles all about different subjects within the industry.

Genre - The genre for the newspaper will be quite obviously music. It will intend to be for readers that are interested in the topic and will also include places around the town where there are clubs speciality openings etc...

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